Our Commitment

We at S. Kamberg & Company are committed to keeping you up to date on current market conditions, current and most competitive pricing available, along with prompt and responsible service.

We pride ourselves on being technically advanced in all systems of communication that applies to our business.  We are linked to our Shippers using direct computer lines or through the Internet and EDI Systems.  With the advanced system that we incorporate in our business we are able to bring our customers the most up to date information on the ever-changing market conditions of the products we offer.

Much of our success is owed to the maintenance of special relationships with the Shippers, Growers and Processors that we represent.  It has led to a high level of trust & collaboration, which has allowed us to provide our customers with better quality, pricing and service. This together with our years of experience, efficient infrastructure and accurate market reporting to our customers assist in strategic purchasing decisions by our customers. We rely on our integrity to turn new prospects into new customers.

Please contact us regarding all of your distribution needs or research & development projects. Using our ingredients you can enhance a wide variety of foods.

Consider the following product ideas for yourself:


  • Nuts are a great source of protein, Vitamin E, fiber and other essential nutrients; nuts are not just eaten as snacks or found in trail mixes anymore.  In fact, nuts are finding appeal everywhere, rolling themselves into food and beverage applications across the board.
  • Consider Roasted / Salted – as a topping for ice cream and yogurt
  • Pieces – Blended as an ingredient or topped to any vegetable, casserole or main entrée meal – A simple way to enrich texture & flavor to all foods.

Dried Fruits:

  • Cooking Sauces, Dressings, Condiments – Providing flavor and color.
  • Dried Fruits have longer shelf life without the need for refrigeration.
  • Additionally fruits have the ability to replace fat in many baked goods


  • Frozen Doughs – Adding consumer acceptability while increasing shelf life.
  • Beverages – As a sweetener while decreasing the perception of bitterness
  • Frozen Desserts – Producing more stable product during the freeze-thaw cycle
  • Fruit Spreads – Improving storability and sensory characteristics
  • Cereals – Maintain sweetness free of preservatives, additives and added sugar
  • Processed Meat – Adding sweetness and flavor while adding a golden-dark brown color to the surface of meats.

The above is just a sampling of what we can offer you. Our full time laboratory staff is available to answer your technical questions. Our sales team will recommend buying strategies that suit your needs. Our business was built by fulfilling special requests for difficult or unusual items, and we always welcome new challenges.

Give us a call with your questions. We are here to help and work together with you.

We look forward to serving you.